Dog fashion is up and coming with contemporary trends for fashion and puppy lovers. Our pets have personalities of their own, and we can show that through their individual styles! We are pampering our pups now more than ever. Though fashion for our pets has previously existed, it has expanded into a pool of possibilities over the years. From the latest brands opening new lines dedicated to doggies to New York City fashion shows premiering designs for doggies, and fashion artists creating trendy pup apparel, dog fashion has entered a new realm of high fashion design. That’s right, think cute and comfy pups in altered Adidas tracksuits and Chanel inspired harnesses. It doesn’t always have to be that complicated though. There are a variety of ways your pup can roam the streets in style this year.

Premium pet apparel, collars, leashes, and accessories are becoming available in a variety of styles to fit you and your pup’s lifestyle preferences. Fashion choices as simple as bandanas and sweaters and as high design as suits and ties are making fashion for you and your pampered pooch obtainable and easy to flaunt.

girl walking dog


Pet fashion is fun in all seasons. With colder weather comes a need for warmer apparel. Get pampered with your pooch and dress up in the latest fall and winter fashions – together! You can walk in confidence with matching sweaters, jackets, and even booties. Or you can give your little fashionista a style all their own! Every dog has a style that fits their personality. Charming hats and scarves are comfy cute alternatives to fully dressing your determined doggies. Summer is just around the corner. Get prepared for sunny days and warm weather by dressing up with trendy accessories!

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Are you planning on owning the streets in style in 2018 with your pup? If you and your pampered pooch are new to fashion, introducing them to new clothes and accessories can be a fun bonding experience for the both of you. Keeping an eye on their behaviors and taking note of their preferences is important in developing an excellent quality of life for your fashionista! Remember the comfier they are, the cuter they are. With the new year comes new opportunities. Celebrating 2018 by pampering not only your pet but yourself as well, is just the beginning!


Our Poochie Diva brand is officially launching February 2018. Fashion is one of our important goals by the end of 2019, but we’re taking baby steps with digital and print products first. Hopefully by late summer 2018 we will launch our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to hire fashion designers to began creating the apparel end of the brand.

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