With so much going on in the world, it can be difficult to maintain your confidence and fiery passion when it comes to some of the most disheartening subjects. Young women around the world must hold their heads high and remember that they are more than capable of helping shape a new world. Not only are they our future, they are our present too! So, how can you be a part of the movement?


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We Always Speak Out!!!


Be empowering. If you don’t speak out, nobody can hear you. If you do speak out, speak loud, and speak proudly; somebody will hear you! Even if it is just one somebody, even if they oppose you, you will be heard. Being heard is just the first step to being listened to.

Think of the countless times a mother must tell her child to behave – a bunch! Then finally, one day, she is taken seriously. Why? It’s simple. She spoke out, spoke loud, and spoke proudly! Yes, this is a simple example, but the basics are all there. She knew her idea was important. She knew that there was truth in her words, even if the child couldn’t see, or hear, it right away. She knew that through repetition and confidence, they would ultimately have to listen. You can be an activist for girls and women by deconstructing the current mindset of our society, redirecting their thoughts, and preparing them for change, all by using your voice.


When the man who is currently leading our country sets such a poor example for young men and women alike, it is important for our voices to be heard. Letting the outward majority with their metaphorical ear plugs overpower us with mean, loud, and hateful words can be daunting, but it is vital that you remember you were born with a mouth, a mind, and the ability to influence others!

Also take time to consider that we are the majority. Think of all the marginalized women who have been silenced for as long as can be remembered. Be louder, be heard. Influence your sisters to be heard too. Not only with your voice, but with your actions as well. Your opinions certainly matter, and your ideas can truly change the world!


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