First impressions are the ones that are sure to last.

Make an entrance into 2018 with these fashionable style ideas.

Doggie bandanas are the number one way to add a little fashion spice into your pet’s life. They are cute, stylish, and comfortable for your canine companion! They are considerably less harsh than collars and way more adorable too. They are also a good way to introduce your pet into fashion world by beginning with accessories that you both can enjoy. Top that off with casual doggie tees, warm sweaters, or even matching hoodies to help endure the breeze. Bold colors and muted tones will surely make a cute and casual statement.

doggie sweaters

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Other ways to make a statement include the incorporation of geometric patterns and daring designs. Mix and match different patterns and fabrics such as plaids with stripes, textile-lined denim, and bright colors with dots. Fashion for dogs is all the rage for their stylish owners. There are various reasons as to why people dress their pups. Keeping shorter haired dogs warm in the chilly months can be just as cute as it is sensible! Dog fashion has extended into several different areas, everything from accessories to full on outfits. There are robes and PJs for when you need to be comfortable, tees and sunglasses for cool and casual, and so much more. Denim jackets can be an adorable way to keep cozy. Your pampered pup can even wear lightweight jackets or coats when facing rainy and colder weather to help keep them warm and dry. It is true that your doggie loves you unconditionally. Give that love back to them by keeping them just as comfy as you during inclement weather.

Denim dog jackets

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Accessories are a fancy way to add glamour and complete every outfit, and there is way more than just leashes and collars. Bandanas, scarves, bows, ties, and hats are all ways to take enhance your furry friend’s fashion. Every dog has colors and patterns that suit them, just like us humans, so make sure to learn their personal style. Pair a patterned bow or tie with a suave and solid button-down, polo, or tee to make your pet’s mark during any special event. Last but not least – formal wear for doggies is in! Whether it be for a wedding or birthday, dapper tuxedos, suits, and elegant dresses are a perfect choice for pampered pups.

dog tie

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